Raggiante seinäkello

Alessin Raggiante (suom. säteilevä) - kello kuin aurinko! Luonnonmateriaali bambu tuo lämpöä ja oranssit viisarit näyttävät aikaa kuin valonsäteet.

195,00 €
Sisältää alv:n
Tilaustuote, toimitusaika noin 3-4 viikkoa.

Kellon halkaisija on 48 cm.

Suunnittelija: Michele De Lucchi 2017.

‘Raggiante’ is the sun that marks the passing of time even when it’s out of sight, hidden behind the Earth. Without its rays everything becomes dark, everything stops and we wait calmly; everyone knows that it will pop up again just on the opposite side from where it was tucked away. It always returns to wake up the world, to make the leaves sparkle, to dissolve the clouds.”With these words Michele de Lucchi introduces his wall clock, inspired by the sun that illuminates and paces the day. The designer favours natural materials which transform, improve even, over time: for this object, he chose bamboo, giving rise to an industrial product that retains the characteristic features of an item that is a cross between art and handicraft.


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